Germania St. #2

Germania St. #2 The hard drive on my two-month-old MacBook up and kicked the bucket and the whole darn thing is at the shop. So this week’s comic is done with a borrowed Sharpie and some watercolor paints I found on trash-day. 7-10 days they say. 7-10 days…

Radio Ga Ga: Discussing AmeriCorp*VISTA on WUML

Me at WUML, Lowell Charlotte Felicia I was lucky enough to be invited on Talking Out Loud this morning with wonderful hosts Felicia Sullivan and Charlotte Crockford. The live show was aired on UMass Lowell’s radio station, WUML. I mostly discussed AmeriCorps*VISTA and the CTC VISTA Project and had a blast. Click here to listen to interview! Fellow VISTA Leader Danielle was awesome to make this recording for me. We made one from the soundboard, but our recording device accidently had its internal mic on as well, so there was lots of extraneous noise; though Danielle’s was made by putting a microphone up to the computer speakers. Danielle also made me the picture below. My Radio Promo (apparently)

Rhode Island Turf and Grapes

It’s a little late to write about, but I spent Labor Day weekend in Rhode Island.

It turns out that Rhode Island is the largest producer of turf grass in the North East: more than 4,000 acres of turf. That’s a lot of sod.

Rhode Island turf

It rained all day Sunday, so there was nothing else to do but take pictures of delicious wine grapes and eat them too.

Wine grapes

Wine grapes Wine grapes

Views of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California is a beautiful town. I went to school there and when I can, try to visit…though now I live in Boston, which makes it difficult.

Planes galore

I’m currently in Washington, DC for a VISTA Leader training; rather I’m in Virginia, an hour and a $50 cab ride away from our nation’s capitol. An upshot is that the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum (they have two, the second is on the National Mall) is only a short shuttle trip away from my hotel. The museum is a humongous hanger chock-full of airplanes, spacecraft and other strangers to the earth.

Education + Urinal = ...?

Education + Urinal = Edurinal One should never be too surprised by what they might find in a restroom. I was impressed though with what I learned from a sign hanging above a urinal at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. “Spray it, don’t say it! Urine spraying is ok–if you’re a lobster that is Lobsters don’t speak, but they do greet–by spraying urine at each other. That’s one one way they communicate…” There was another person in the restroom washing his hands when I took the picture; I calmly allayed any fears he may have had by telling him, “It’s okay, I’m a photographer.”