I’m planning to shut down Brompt, which I previously wrote about in 2008, 2011, and 2022. I archived the code on GitHub.

Let’s do a final confetti drop 🎉 together.

Farewell 👋 Brompt is shutting down

I have some sad news to share: I’m planning to shut down this service, Brompt, at the end of the month (February, 2024).

Shutting down Brompt means that you’ll no longer receive these automated reminders for your blog or writing. I’ve been running Brompt since 2008 and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it sustainable. You’re one of about 80 people who are still using the service, though I’m never sure if you or anyone ever opens the emails regularly.

Regardless of Brompt shutting down, I hope you’re doing well and I’d love to stay in touch. Send me an email at [email protected] or read my own blog at https://island94.org

All the best,

Ben (the person who made Brompt)

Screenshots from Brompt