I have been practicing triangular eating after reading this blog post from The School Lunch Project in 2010:

Triangular Eating (sankaku-tabe)

(ex.) Main dish → Rice or Bread or Pasta →Soup →Main dish → Rice or Bread or Pasta → Soup….

In Japan, we usually learn how to eat food in triangular patterns when we were little kids. We usually learn it preschool age to elementary school age. When we start school lunch, it is the time to learn how to eat. It is kind of Japanese food culture, so teacher don’t go too strict nowadays. Kids don’t have to eat in triangular way, but many Japanese do triangular eating because we learn when school lunch time.

I would like to tell about the triangular way of eating. So, you have to make sure it is in triangular order. This is good practice in learning know how to eat a balanced meal by yourself. I think you can arrange this as square, pentagon and so on. Please go ahead add a salad or a side dish. As time goes by, if I have meat or fish, I automatically want to eat rice, then I start to want to eat vegetables. Isn’t it nice?

Also, triangular way could be give you rhythm and let your mouth reset. You can imagine wine and cheese. It is work well for harmony too.