Today I spoke in public comment before the San Francisco Planning Commission on a proposed 20-unit building in the Outer Sunset at 3945 Judah St.

Good afternoon, Commissioners.

My name is Ben Sheldon. I have been a resident of the Outer Sunset for 8 years.

I support this project.

I live 4 blocks away from the proposed project. I live in a 4 story, 12 unit multi-family apartment building.

My building is vibrant. It is home to senior citizens, families with young children, teachers, and working professionals like myself.

We shop at local businesses. Eat at local restaurants. Attend local schools. We participate fully in the civic life of our neighborhood.

Multi-family buildings. Dense. And large. Like my own, and the proposed project, are part of the character of our neighborhood.

My building was built in 1928. It makes me sad. And at times angry. That a building like my own seemingly could not be built today.

My building is not enough. It is not modern. It is not accessible for the very old or people with disabilities. It has lead and toxicity issues of concern for very young children.

The neighborhood needs more buildings like my own. Better ones.

Multi-family. Dense. Accessible. Modern. Vibrant.

This project is equally an issue of inclusion as it is of character.

I support this project.

I urge you to support this project too.

Thank you.