Exploring the recesses of my email I came across some bad ideas I gave to a good friend, neighbor and excellent “Social Media Community Architect and Manager” as we were exploring possible resume headers for him:

If I were to take the best amalgamation of words, I would go with “Social Media Community Architect and Manager”—which is somewhat awkward. I think you want the words:

  1. social (which is the buzzword of online social networking);

  2. community (which is both online and offline and has a certain fuzziness to it); and

  3. something that describes the process of creation… and management.

I would shy clear of the word technology… “media” definitely has more hotness right now. Maybe “Social Media and Community Architect”.

What about “Social Media and Community Entrepreneur” (everyone loves an Entrepreneur and I would say you qualify more than anyone I know… though it is somewhat heartless)

I went through my contacts on LinkedIn and picked out some words/phrases they use to describe themselves:

  • Community Technologist
  • Online Community Manager
  • strategic planning for your online social network initiatives
  • Building and Executing Social Media Business Strategy
  • Rich Media Developer
  • Interactive Marketing Executive
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Community Architect
  • community & communications coordinator
  • New Media
  • hybrid social media
  • collaboration technology
  • listening technology
  • Emerging
  • Link Development
  • Interactive

I think he went with something sensible like “Community Alchemist”.