I just received a great set of questions to ask people when conducting Brand Interviews: if you’re trying to lock-down who you are and how to communicate that, it helps to ask people who know you and what they think. These are those questions.

  • What do you personally value most about [YOUR ORGANIZATION]? Why is it important to you?

  • What do you need/expect from an organization like [YOUR ORGANIZATION]? What other organizations could you/do you expect to meet those needs?

  • How would you describe [YOUR ORGANIZATION] to someone who does not know it well? What words/phrases would you use? Why?

  • How would you describe the personality of [YOUR ORGANIZATION]? What is it like to interact with the organization?

  • In your mind, what does [YOUR ORGANIZATION] do well? What does it do better than any other, similar organization? Where is there room for improvement?

  • What are your hopes and goals for the organization? If you were running the organization, what would you change (if anything). What should absolutely not change…what do you consider to be sacred?

  • How do you get most of your information about what’s going on [YOUR ORGANIZATION]? How else could we effectively communicate with you?

  • Do you visit the [YOUR ORGANIZATION] web site? What are you looking for there? What do you wish were included? How else could the web site be more useful to you?

  • Is there anything else you want to tell me? Anything you wish I had asked you?