Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s topic is Poverty. Since I’ve recently written about poverty directly, today I’ll be more lateral:

Today I am wearing:

  1. Cotton American Apparel T-Shirt (with print-design from Woot!)
  2. Denim Banana Republic Jeans
  3. Saucony Synthetic Running Shoes
  4. Old Navy Underwear
  5. Hanes Cotton Socks
  6. Leather Belt purchased from Brooklyn St. Fair with Levi’s Metal Belt Buckle
  7. Penguin Lambswool Sweater

Discussion Set 1: What types of information have I included in this list? What have I omitted? What types of information would you have included (or omitted)? Why?

Discussion Set 2: In my clothing, what could I have done differently, within the broad context of poverty? Why?

Discussion Set 3: How have you approached this exercise: Realistically, Positively, Pessimistically, Cynically, Pragmatically, Comprehensively, Reductionistically, etc? How did the context or presentation of this exercise affect how you did (or did not) perform it? How might someone else approach this exercise and why?

Discussion Set 4: Is this an appropriate exercise for addressing poverty?