Well, it’s the new year, which is always a great time for navel gazing. So, looking back, here’s some stuff from 2007:

Places I’ve Slept: California: Poway, Venice, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, Sacramento, San Francisco, Sunnyvale;

Central: Minneapolis, MN; Austin, TX;

South-East-ish: Memphis, TN; Philadelphia, PN;

Northeast: Lowell, MA; Montpelier, VT; Kittery Point, ME; Narragansett, RI; Portsmouth, NH;

If-you-want-to-be-anal: Alston, Brighton, Medford;

Best Purchase: new belt

Best Gift: new scarf via my birthday scarf party

Best Book: Lay of the Land by Richard Ford

Best Movie: Hawaii, Oslo

Best Album: At Home with Owen

Best Object: Zebra F-301 Pen (blue ink)

Best Transportation: new bike

Best Meal: Sweet Potato Sandwich and Kukicha Tea from Ula Cafe

Best Social Space: Delux Cafe

Best Personal Space: Harborwalk at Dorchester Bay

Best Achievement: this mouse I caught