I was up at the Abbey Lounge last night in Somerville checking out Dave Alpert, a local singer/songwriter. I met him a few weeks ago at a video-blogger meetup in Jamaica Plain.

I ended up recording the performance on my cheap, iPod fool-you-once-knockoff, defunct Japanese company’s mp3 benchwarmer. It’s got a crappy built-in mic I used, and a line-in that probably isn’t worth a decent microphone that I don’t have anyway.

Any audio crappiness is the mic and my poor mastering skills, not Dave or the free, open source multi-track audio editor Audacity that I used to clean and split the tracks.

A couple tracks from the show:

  1. Other Assholes
  2. Rude Awakening
  3. Lovesong for the Wrong Person

The songnames are mostly wrong, just relating to how Dave described the songs. Lastly, the mic was sitting on the bar, so any thumps or clicks are people setting down their glasses. Any guffawing is probably me—at the jokes, not the music.