In the story writing process, I find creating lead-ins to be simplest, while crafting an actual story around it to be a difficult task. This morning I came up with the following, but was disappointed to find that the AP had done me one better:

bq. Jerrod Rines is a pickup owning, Mexican stomping, full-blooded American–one-quarter Irish, one-quarter Italian, three-eighths German, and Lithuanian the rest. Long ago he made a point to avoid reading anything except street signs and engine maintenance manuals. Because of all of this, Jerrod Rines faced this morning’s mail with great trepidation: a square and solitary alabaster envelope bearing, in black flowing print, the return address of “Mr J Singh and Ms. T James.”

bq. Jerrod Rines’ only daughter is getting married.

The following is what I read in the Metro, Boston’s premier rag (the Herald isn’t even fit for wiping). Written by an Associated Press writer, Ken Maguire, in one sentence it evokes in me many of the same feelings my writing above seeks to create.

bq. _*Five students with state ties to be Rhodes Scholars*_

*Boston* Amherst native Nicholas Juravich learned about the societal inequities he hopes to study as a Rhodes Scholar during his regular runs through Chicago’s neighborhoods.

For the record, I do not question Mr. Jurovich’s dedication to his cause, merely the way in way in which it is presented.